Mission Statement

I think my mission statement does a really good job of explaining the name of my company, so I thought it should be shared.
-My goal is to create one-of-a-kind, personalized products of the utmost quality that meet my customers’ specifications and exceed their expectations. I want you to feel that little shiver when you see the finished product.

I’m also posting a few more pictures. The first one is a "P" I did for an expecting mom with a baby girl on the way. I was able to get a picture of the nursery bedding, so I made the painting to match. I even managed to sneak in a little personality by adding angel wings to one of the paisleys.

The second is another one for an expecting mom, this time for a baby boy’s room. It’s a little more manly, less frilly, and still matches the bedding.

Price List

Art on Canvas Pricing
8x10 ~ $30
11x14 ~ $45
12x12 ~ $50
12x24 ~ $59
16x20 ~ $75
18x24 ~ $82
24x36 ~ $105
30x40 ~ $130
5x5 Canvas Wall Letters ~ $10 each
5x7 Canvas Wall Letters ~ $12 each
8x10 Canvas Wall Letters ~ $14 each
11x14 Canvas Wall Letters ~ $16 each

Birthday/Celebration Canvases ~ $50

*Prices are subject to change based on cost of materials.

There are a variety of different things I can paint, but if you need ideas...

-Baby Announcement on Canvas
-Canvas Wall Letters
-Monograms on Canvas
-Personalized Art Projects on Canvas
-Birthday and Celebration Canvases
-Seasonal Art (Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

I can also do...

-Wooden Stepping Stools
-Personalized Picture Frames

The possibilities are truly endless and I'm coming up with new ideas all the time! If you think of something you would like that itsn't listed, feel free to let me know. You can always email me with comments and ideas.

My Double Life

I'm new to the world of blogging, so I feel like I should start out with a little background info. I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and came back a couple of years ago to set up shop, so to speak. I like the small town feel and don't see that changing anytime soon, but who really knows what tomorrow will bring.

I sometimes feel a bit like Batman, leading a double life, legal assistant by day and aspiring artist by night. (Or maybe Catwoman is more appropo since I'm female?) I work normal 8 hour days, then come home at night and try to balance domesticity and my art. I usually work anywhere from two to three and a half or four hours at night, depending on my current project. Unlike Catwoman though, unless I have a deadline, I take the weekends off!
I started painting mainly for fun, and now it's turned into something I'm spending all my spare time on. It started as projects for nurseries and baby gifts. I've done canvas letters, monagrams, wall murals, full names on canvas, canvas birth announcements, stepping stools, personalized picture frames, all kinds of stuff really. Lately I've also been doing more customized type items, like art for a particular space (living room or entry for example) with a specific color scheme. I really just enjoy painting and like new and challenging projects, so I'm up for whatever comes my way!

On that note, I'll post a picture of my latest painting, then go from there when I have more time. I named this one Oogli the Octopus. I have a friend who is decorating her living room in these colors (Red, Tiffany Blue, Black and White). She gave me the color scheme, which I immediatley liked since it was so different. After tossing it around in my head for a while it hit me, an ocean scene, perfect. I still have to put the protective coating over the canvas, but it's essentially finished. That's all for now, xoxo.