Project 268 - April!

Here it is, my first collage from Project 268!!  I made it using Picasa 3, which I downloaded for free.  It's such a fabulous program!  You can crop, delete red eye, do all kinds of photo enhancing things, I love it!!  I can't wait for next months pics and what they have in store for me. 

P.S. That beautiful little girl is my niece, Miss M.  She got to come play for a whole week and we had some good times.  I only wish I had gotten pictures of the painting project we did together, now that was fun stuff!  Small tidbit from Miss M as I'm leaving for work one morning, "Tia, I like your ring, and your shoes and your dress and your sweater and your purse."  Um, can I hear those adorable compliments every morning, yes please!!

My Latest Obsession...

I'm obsessed with making rings!  They are my new favorite thing to make, and sell!!  I've aleady sold quite a few in fact.  I like selling them as much as I like making them!  They are so fun, I plan to post a tutorial soon.  Right now though, just can't stop making them!  I even fancied a little ring display using a frame and some styrafoam, yay!  I just wanted to share a pic to late you know what I've been up to, happy weekend!

Kinkaid Wedding - November 2008

This is a little collage I created using Picasa 3 to showcase some of the better pics I took from the first wedding I planned and organized. (Unfortunately I didn't get the decor pics taken pre-reception, so there's all kinds of "party fodder" in them, but you get the idea!) Let me know what you think!

Project 268!!

I'm starting a new project that I read about over at Tidy Mom.  She's doing something called the 365 Project, she takes a picture a day, everyday.  Well, since I just learned about this (and started) last week, I'm calling mine Project 268.  I'm pretty excited about it.  This is my first pic taken last week.  I think I'm most looking forward to compiling them at the end of each month to see what randomness I've come up with, I tend to be a bit on the random side... should be interesting!  Stay tuned as I post bits and pieces from this project.