My First Gues Post!

That's right, today my first guest post will be going up over at My Four Monkeys!!  Angie has an amazing blog where she does all kinds of product reviews, talks about great childrens products and lots of other fun stuff!!  I did a small tutorial for a new craft project like these, and it will be going up sometime today on Angie's blog.  Go over and check and it out and give Angie some love!  Thanks for your support!

Sweet Hats!

You may not know this about me, but I love to wear hats.  I have days when my hair is just plain crazy and a hat is the only thing that will fix the trauma.  I've bought quite a few that I truly enjoy, but I decided to paint some of my own.  What could get better than one I've tailored just for me, right??  I'd like to add some buttons to the one with the flower, right in the middle, once I locate the correct needle.  The cross hat was a mother's day gift for a new mom.  What do you all think about them?