We have a new door hanger/wreath!!
Thank you Kate!!
I particpated in Gina's Supply Swap.

I got lucky and had a super amazing blog swap partner, Kate from Bookworm to Bombshell!!
Kate sent me an "M" and fabric rosettes.
That girl is awesome!!

I painted the "M" she sent, used all her fabric flowers, added one of my own to tie in the green and done!!

She sent me this to begin wth:

I LOVE the scrabble letters, can't wait to find a craft for those!!
I was also really excited about the set of stickers of places in Europe since my big sister is about to move there, so many fun things could be done with those!!
Not to mention everything else, what a fab girl!!!

And then, as if it could get any better, she sends a second gift!!  I'm telling you people, you want this girl as your swap partner!!!  She's the bee's knees, cat's pajamas, all of the above!!

Thanks Kate!!

The Envelope Project: My Envelope

See that?!?
See the one that's on the top row, far right?!?

It's the clear envelope with the white label, teal colored tape and red stamps.  If you don't remember what it looks like you can check it out in this post.  I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.  Seeing all the envelopes they've gotten, there isn't much of a chance I will win, but it's still super fun to see something I made on display somewhere.  That's all for now, xoxo, clm.

The Envelope Project

This is my envelope for The Envelope Project, yay!
I put it in the mail today.  It has some pages out of a  pilot's flight plan booklet, some
paper luggage tags, and some fabric tape I made using this tutorial here.

Here's what the project is all about--  Everyone who chooses to participate sends some paper goodies in a super fun envelope.  Then, on August 1 they draw a name, and 1 lucky person who participated gets EVERYTHING that was sent in!!  Think of all the lovely ephemera.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

In the meantime, you can hop on over to Meet Me At Mikes to check out the progress.  Pip is putting the envelopes on display and taking pictures of all the goodies.  How fun!!

xoxo, clm

My First Gues Post!

That's right, today my first guest post will be going up over at My Four Monkeys!!  Angie has an amazing blog where she does all kinds of product reviews, talks about great childrens products and lots of other fun stuff!!  I did a small tutorial for a new craft project like these, and it will be going up sometime today on Angie's blog.  Go over and check and it out and give Angie some love!  Thanks for your support!

Sweet Hats!

You may not know this about me, but I love to wear hats.  I have days when my hair is just plain crazy and a hat is the only thing that will fix the trauma.  I've bought quite a few that I truly enjoy, but I decided to paint some of my own.  What could get better than one I've tailored just for me, right??  I'd like to add some buttons to the one with the flower, right in the middle, once I locate the correct needle.  The cross hat was a mother's day gift for a new mom.  What do you all think about them?

Project 268 - April!

Here it is, my first collage from Project 268!!  I made it using Picasa 3, which I downloaded for free.  It's such a fabulous program!  You can crop, delete red eye, do all kinds of photo enhancing things, I love it!!  I can't wait for next months pics and what they have in store for me. 

P.S. That beautiful little girl is my niece, Miss M.  She got to come play for a whole week and we had some good times.  I only wish I had gotten pictures of the painting project we did together, now that was fun stuff!  Small tidbit from Miss M as I'm leaving for work one morning, "Tia, I like your ring, and your shoes and your dress and your sweater and your purse."  Um, can I hear those adorable compliments every morning, yes please!!

My Latest Obsession...

I'm obsessed with making rings!  They are my new favorite thing to make, and sell!!  I've aleady sold quite a few in fact.  I like selling them as much as I like making them!  They are so fun, I plan to post a tutorial soon.  Right now though, just can't stop making them!  I even fancied a little ring display using a frame and some styrafoam, yay!  I just wanted to share a pic to late you know what I've been up to, happy weekend!