New Framed Mini Collages

These new little collages are super fun and can go just about anywhere. They can have quotes, Bible verses, or your own personal sentiment. This first one I did for Gage Marshall Bailey, coming soon. :) I used the Bible verse, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." I was lucky enough to see the bedding so I was able to use colors of fabric and paper that I knew would coordinate. I even stamped his initials on a piece of leather in the bottom corner, cowboy chic!

I did the second one for my mom for her birthday. I picked a classic quote and added a personal sentiment. "More than words" is something we've said to each other for years. Most of you have probably heard the song by Extreme, circa 1991, it's a classic and a personal favorite. I used fabric from items I had lying around, so most of it is from something I've owned. There's also a piece of fabric from a quilt my mom's grandmother made. Sentimental value just pouring out of this one, makes it extra special!

These are fun and can be personalized, which in my opinion always makes a gift just that much more special.


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