Pay It Forward!

Seek and Find Design, one of the lovely blogs I follow, posted a Pay it Forward blog post and I thought it sounded like fun and decided to participate!!  Here are the rules:

1. I will make a hand-made gift for the first three people to comment here.

2. I have 365 days to send you that gift.

3. The gift will be a total surprise.

4. You keep this going by posting a Pay it Forward post on your blog.
Leave your email addy in your comment so I can contact you, how fun!


Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures of the artwork. The collage/ framed work looks awesome. As always the chandeliers are some of my favorite you've done. Keep up the good work. So excited to see what's to come and get some new littleshiverdesigns for my home! Sarah

lyndsey said...

I want to comment too - sorry to be slow! I love the new header area, so cute!!! llo

lyndsey said...

i love the new header area! and the canvas made w/ the new tool looks awesome - i cannot wait to see what is to come!! llo

Anonymous said...

i love the new header and the canvas with the fun new tool looks great! looking foward to lots of new fun things! llo

Natalie said...

What a fabulous idea! I'm stopping by from SITs.

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