Project 268 - April!

Here it is, my first collage from Project 268!!  I made it using Picasa 3, which I downloaded for free.  It's such a fabulous program!  You can crop, delete red eye, do all kinds of photo enhancing things, I love it!!  I can't wait for next months pics and what they have in store for me. 

P.S. That beautiful little girl is my niece, Miss M.  She got to come play for a whole week and we had some good times.  I only wish I had gotten pictures of the painting project we did together, now that was fun stuff!  Small tidbit from Miss M as I'm leaving for work one morning, "Tia, I like your ring, and your shoes and your dress and your sweater and your purse."  Um, can I hear those adorable compliments every morning, yes please!!


Anonymous said...

I love the rings!!! (( I also love the picasso creation. So awesome especially the pictures of Maddie but I might be a little biased:) )) I need to buy that pink ring with the flower for Maddie. And I'll take another of your choice for her. She loves her flower shoes! You've got to get them up on your blog they are amazing! They are the cutest painted shoes I've seen and that's what all the girls are wearing. LOL. Such a diva. Sarah

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